image8The foundation is mainly focusing in combating extreme poverty and the chronic unemployment by providing the following programs that revealed to have a bigger impact throughout its work area:

  • Business Education
  • Micro-loans
  • Job Services

Business education program

This program consists in assisting the recipients from beginning to end in providing them the basic business skills know on how to efficiently run and sustain a small business. Several methods will be used in order to evaluate each one by experience, level of education even the type of the business activities.

Micro Loans program

“The poor stay poor, not because they’re lazy, but because they have no access to capital.” Economist Milton Friedman.  Therefore, this program is designed in order to response to a specific and urgent need facing those living in extreme poverty in Haiti. “SOS TI KREDI” is the nickname for the first category of loan running by the foundation since September 2014 which is consisting of a small loan ranking from $70 $300 given at 0% interest rate reimbursable through six months dedicated to extreme poor Haitian women surviving with less than $2 a day in order to develop or create their own businesses. This small loan is available to finance any viable project that capable of generating at least one sustainable employment for one person. This is a solidarity program which is designed in a way to help the most disadvantaged segment of the population whom their situation had been worsen after the 2010 earthquake that killed more than a quarter million Haitian. To be eligible the participants have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Participate in one of the foundation orientation meeting
  2. Submit a loan application
  3. Submit at least three references (police report & letter recommendation from a church or school or university or another well-known organization
  4. Have a guarantor or a cosigner
  5. Be Available for training sessions
  6. Participate in a formal swearing ceremony committing to repay the obtained loan.

Job referrals program

The referral service consists of offering diverse forms of support to unskilled unemployed actively looking for a small employment. Staff from the foundation supports and provides any available assistance to those job seekers looking to integrate the job market. It might be helping with resumes and job placement. To implement this program, a consistent database will be created for employers and job seekers registration.